Today dawns the second-to-last day of our second week being back at school. It's been going well, considering that we had a new guidance counsulor implanted here and she was a stick in the mud about letting me into AP Studio art, of which, I never did get into. I understand that she is new, and feels like she can't ask the system for anything, but I had plans! Despite this minor setback, I accidentally got into Advanced Drawing and Design, I'm not going to complain simply because it was sheer luck I even got into that class.

Nope, not testing faith on that one.

Film studies is an amazing class. I'm finding a knack for camera movements and imagery in writing scripts. Maybe I'll look into that if I ever have the time. So far, We've analyzed: "The Motorcycle Diaries", "The Godfather", and "The Birds". We are working on horror films for the first section, which includes a lot of Alfred Hitcocks older movies and a couple of classics.

I also had my fourth shoot with the lovely, Janki Kaswala. She is the most amazing and talented girl I've met, with a natural gift for modeling, even if she does need time to warm up and a lot of direction [Which I don't mind giving, learning to work behind the camera and all...]. My brother, Adam, also came with us, assisting me with a lot of stuff. He's very creative, a mime and an actor, and came up with some very interesting poses, even if they didn't completely work out. I took some behind the scenes shots so that will be put up here soon.


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