So I've gotten my first warning this weekend.

See, school has begun again and I've been pushing hard to get all of my work done ahead of time in preparation for festival season, since that's when I miss a lot of school.

Apparently, I pushed too far. I got sick, just a cold, thank god, and after drowning in vitamin C and D pills, I woke up this morning to find myself feeling tons better then I have since Thursday. I'm so happy, thinking I was going to miss Monday as well as last Friday, but, it doesn't look like that right now.


After nearly six years of having absolutely no nails whatsoever, I now have nails on both hands! I've been keeping myself so busy this year that I didn't have any time to bite my nails, and now, I think I've curbed my nail-biting addiction! Yay!

I made some pretty important decisions on college. I've already gone to one college fair in my city and looked around at colleges I hadn't considered before, and found out some really funny stuff. When I got home, I discovered that the colleges I had really liked were ones I had scouted in my freshman year! HA! Guess I'd been on the right track after all....

Anyways, I've pretty much narrowed it down to three colleges within three major cities: Columbia College in Chicago, Pratt University in New York, and Arcadia University in Philadelphia. If I need to stay in-state, I'm looking at MICA, which is in Baltimore. I like Columbia the best so far, and I registered for a meeting with them in March. My aunt, I found out, used to be a college counselor and she's been bugging my mum about which colleges I'm choosing, although she has yet to talk to me.


The last thing I'm trying to wrap up is my lighting and portfolio for Model Mayhem. I really want to register with the site, but I'm trying to get the best shots I can for the portfolio. And I know I can always update my portfolio on the site, but I really want to put the best up there, and I just feel like that hasn't happened yet. It's really frustrating and part of me feels like it's comming from my lack of skill in post-processing. Most of my photos are very P.P and it's just not working--but finding another way to make my photos have the semblance of professionalism is either going to cost me 150-300$ for a tutorial or to wait and see if I can magically spurt it from photoshop. ><

So this fall I'm going to book some shoots with models and friends I haven't shot with before, and see what we can come up with. I'm got a couple people in mind, but I need to find a weekend where the weather will be good, they can come over and we can shoot. I don't want to wait until it's really cold. If I wait that long there is no point, especially since I know that I don't have the capability to shoot indoors anytime soon [That is, before Christmas].

Ta-ta for now, t-t-f-n

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