Abandoned Hauntings and Fun

Well, I'm excited.

School let out at 12 today, which allowed me to run down and get my new glasses and then back up to speak with a admittance counselor at Hallmark Institute of Photography. Very cool stuff, but major decisions and questions still.

I also spent between three and four hours talking with a girl in my theatre class, Josie, who is a model and cover girl for several band and gothic groups around. We must have passed about a dozen messages talking about getting together for a shoot, planning and discussing various abandoned locations around where we live. We have a lot of locations in common, and I finally have someone who is willing to go to abandoned places to shoot.

Quite often, I'll find someone to work with, but they won't be able to get their "feet wet", so to speak. Josie is very interested in exploring these "Urban Jungles" and doing "Urban Exploration." We were trading websites and information, and I can say I expanded my location database. So very exciting stuff indeed!

I also joined a very cool site called Urban Exploration Resource. Once I'm able to post there, I'm probably going to figure out if what we want to do [run a fashion/editorial shoot] at an abandoned location is OK within the rules of UER. I don't like breaking rules, but finding and apprecitating UE's by taking photos, documenting and putting places like this in the showcase is very appealing to me. Even if it does mean sweet-talking cops and explaining that we don't mean to harm the property.

Maybe I should take on the MAGIC philosophy:

"One bone broken for every twig snapped underfoot."

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