New Shoot...

I'm so happy.

And stressed.
Anyways, I have gotten a new assignment with Josie Myers, a beautiful talented burlesque girl who has been in my advanced acting class for two years. I never knew she was a model until I found her on myspace.

You could've blown me.

I've been in talks with her for the past month, arranging wardrobe, comming up with styling and shoot direction and finding locations. Like me, she's an urban explorer and has a lot of interest in splunking about to find decent locations. This was bloody fantastic, especially since the locations that I would like to use are rather....erm.....derelect places and could possibly incite the authority.

Anyways, Josie is brilliant. She's direct and provides me with what I need, including makeup shades and suggestions, she has a really professional air about her and can get right down to buisness, not to mention she's hilariously funny with one-liners. It's brillant, but also downright terrifying! I've never really worked with someone who actually knew what they were doing! eek.

She doesn't know this, but I'm trying to make this shoot the best one I've had yet, so I can use the pictures from it to create a portfolio worthy of ModelMayhem!

Do you think I should tell her?