Something Wicked This Way Comes....

Hey guys,

Life is frustrating...and busy. My school held our show, Sylvia [written by AR Gurney] last weekend. We got great reviews and it was definitely an amazing production. It's ironic though, that we had the most crew people for the smallest show we've done yet! [We only had seven cast members, exluding me, and two of them had been double casted]
Now that Sylvia is done, I can concentrate on The Women of Lockerbie, which we're getting adjudicated for ITS International Festival, and The Shakespeare Project, which our All-County Troupe is performing for state. Phew. And it doesn't even calm down! XD I have Godspell in January, and one of my favourite directions, Jim Klyle is directing Sweeny Todd! [At least all of this expands my resume.]

So, back to "Life is frustrating...." , and mostly that is because I finally got around to getting Josie's shoot into P.P. and I can't upload them to Flickr. I don't understand what is going on, but it keeps says "OOPs! You're photos didn't upload...would you like to try again?"

So....I'm going to contact them and find out what is going on, for now though, enjoy the [for now] exclusive photo's of Josie's Train Shoot, right here, on SPEAK, SPOKEN, HEARD?