12 and 24

Wouldn't life be great if we never had to sleep? Think of how much we could get done! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

It's a great concept.

Anyways, I have two fantastic shoots coming up: one, I've started casting on MM for my Celtic Warrior shoot in Feb. I have a male model coming in, and I'm nervous about that! It will be the first time I've worked with a guy, so I'm excited, but really nervous. The second shoot is a couture wedding shoot that I was booked for. That also should be happening in Feb. I've got the lovely Jacob Stewart doing hair and helping with makeup for both shoots.

For Christmas, I finally got my beloved Joey Lawrence Training DVD, YAY! I'm skirting through it briefly tonight before starting to edit some old images just to see how it works. I'll post the results here later on.