'Black Swan' Intern Lawsuit Wins Skirmish

It’s important for us college students to keep being informed about what is going on. This, while not specifically targeting the Photography and Advertising market, does point out an interesting point that has been made by several politicians over the years. 

Do unpaid Internships cut into the entry-level job market? 

I’d say yes without a heartbeat. As an unpaid intern myself, several times over, you not only have to get luckywith an internship, but also be darned good at finding a place you can actually learn. When you get only lucky to find one, often you find yourself putting in far more than you get out of it. 

Unpaid interns are now doing more and more work that entry-level employees would be doing. I don’t know any photographer that hires a 3rd assistant. They simple find an unpaid intern to do that kind of work. So it’s very interesting and revolutionary to see interns standing up for themselves and getting what they really deserve from the companies that they work for. 

Is it worth it? What do you think?