Violence Abroad: Turkey

Turkey, 2013. 

Just in case you’ve missed some recent events/been living under a rock/living in a bubble/akaLAorUniversity here’s a photoset detailing some of the action that Turkey has been getting recently. 

The conflict, originally started over the proposed demolition of a park in Istanbul and then spreading across the country was picked up by some (and definitely not all) media organizations. Since the President’s return the conflict has taken a back seat to “more important’ news—but that does not mean that it has stopped. 

The conflict is still spreading across the country, with hundreds of people being injured, property damaged, and a “media blackout” of sorts, where the Turkish media is not allowed/refusing to showcase the violence or even acknowledge its existence. 

The people are relying on getting the word out through social media like Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

If you’re more curious about the conflict, I urge you to check out the Tumblr Blog here:

and their Facebook. 

and numerous papers like The Guardian and Huffington post. who are covering it. 

Huffington Post

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